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We add the Billing information section when user trying to purchase H-coins. Many users reported to us that their payment is declined, The main reason for this is that we previously not asking the user for billing information. This cause bank automatically declines the transactions in case of fraud.

Please fill in the Billing information and this will greatly increase successful transactions. If your H-coins is not credited after one hour after a successful purchase, please send us an e-mail (hiccears[at]gmail[dot]com). We are working hard on a new version of Hiccears, once we launch the new version, we will provide better and more options for purchasing H-coins.

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Difference between Free and Subscription





This isn't paywall service. Except of few exclusive content / variants.

Every works would release free (standard res. - around 100dpi).


订阅内容福利 Subscription goods:

- 300DPI 高质像度 (A4 - 2480 x 3508 px) 

- 无码 Uncensorship

- 优先阅读内容 Early Access

- WIP图片/草图 &  概念草图 / XNALARA构图 WIP / Xnalara Conceptual images

- 无背景PNG (一部份作品没有这个) Backgroundless PNG




- 主要是给中国用户 / 不能用PATREON的用户 Main target audiences are Chinese / can't use Patreon users

- 讨厌付月费,要有预览图才安心购买的用户 Who hate monthly payment, needed thumbnails perview before paying

- 极稀少的PATREON不能上载的内容  Few limit image which Patreon can't upload



If you can pay through Patreon. I still suggest you pay @ Patreon.


收费方式基本是 Payment

月刊 Monthly 5HCOIN | 季刊 Seasonal 12HCOIN


Commission Detail : https://wingr.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-Detail-Status-4129262

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