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Why HicceArs?


Sell your works in various ways with only 5% service fee.


Safer way to offer and receive commissions.


Feel free to enjoy freedom of speech.

Art folders

Make it easy to start or continue projects.


Clean and easy way to cover the global market.

More features coming soon!

We are hard-working people with vision for better future.

Subscription system

Commission system: Our commission system is designed for the benefit of both content creator and commission client.

  • Instant subscription allows users to sell their previous contents such as Cg-sets or Comics instantly for a one time subscription.
  • Periodic subscription allows users to gain financial support by routinely uploading new content and receiving a payment each set period.

Commissions system

Our system allows artists to make subscriptions with instant payments for previous content and periodic payments for ongoing content.

  • We protect content creator by with-holding the commission fee in the commission client’s account, and send it to the content creator when both party agree that the commission is complete.
  • We protect commissioner by partially or fully refunding the commission client based on both the evidence provided by artist and information in commission offer.
  • Both parties in the completed commission share the copyright of the commission content by default. The Commission client can post the finished work in his/her account only on Hiccears.com. The copyright share will not be valid and can be freely redacted by the artist if stated in commission description or artist’s comments.


We protect your personal information as we have firm and dedicated loyalty to your Freedom of Speech, Expression, and Property Rights.

  • We are Third party platform to facilitate financial transactions without revealing either parties’ personal information.
  • You may create up to five sub-accounts under one main account to manage different projects. The main account is invisible to the public, but is linked to your payment system and personal information. Sub-account functions are the same as any other account on other online galleries.

Art Folders

Make it easy for content creator to start or continue projects.

  • You can always update contents on your art-folder and notify others who followed and/or favored.
  • Donation button is another way for fans to support your creation and also help you find out what is more popular on your gallery. Donors can choose to be openly or anonymously listed on Sponsor board.
  • Time-line settings allow each user to submit content and select date or time period for the content to be shown to public. Perfect for comic creators. *This function is subscriber folder only.
  • Preview setting allow user to self-advertise their works by sharing part of the contents as free sample.


H-coin: this features allows us to accept multiple-currencies and provide a simpler display on the website.

  • The price of H-coin is based on the value or purchasing power of that currency at the time. We can prevent people earning or losing money through currency exchange.
  • Zero transaction fee.

More coming soon!

This website is in Beta step, so along with bugfixes and general improvements, new features like Journals or Clubs are coming!